Our Process

At Maryland Countertop Corporation we want to make sure your project gets from ideas to reality while enjoying the process. This is why we work with a straight forward approach in which our team will support you in every step which will allow you to find the perfect match for your design and ultimately get the countertop of your dreams in your house or business.

Step 1


Our process starts by getting to know you, your project and your goals.


During the consultation, we’ll ask things such as what type of countertop you want to get, what’s the style you are aiming for, how much you’re willing to spend and so on. We will also take measurement and start discussing the stone selection from our collection of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and porcelain slabs.

kitchen design consultation
maryland countertop showroom

Step 2


To help you choose the perfect stone for your project, we will schedule your visit to our showroom.


Our showroom has a vast portfolio of different types of stones that are made in-house for our clients. Being able to see the stones in person, allows you to choose the right stone for your project with no doubt. You will be able to appreciate details such as size, shape, color, and hardness to ultimately enable us to provide with an estimate.


Step 3


Lastly, we coordinate to get your old countertop removed and your new countertop installed on the same day.


Once we have fabricated the selected stone(s) for your project(s), we will schedule the delivery and installation of your countertop. We aim to get this done the same day so it is less disruption to you. In addition, we will also clean up after ourselves so you can enjoy your final product immediately.


maryland countertop finished kitchen