Porcelain Slabs

PORCELAIN IS AN Environmentally-Friendly STONE

Have you considered getting porcelain? Many assume that porcelain is a bad material for building because it might easily shatter. But this isn’t the case. In real applications, porcelain is good for construction. If your budget is tight but still want to experience the beauty that stones bring to a house, then porcelain is quietly waiting for you because it’s cheaper than quartz, marble, and granite.

Our Maryland Countertop Company excels in helping customers find the best porcelain building materials. We also fabricate porcelain efficiently. Note that porcelain is quite hard to fabricate. As a result, only a few dealers have fabrication services for porcelain. Call or email us now and will be very happy to discuss what we have!


Porcelain is derived from kaolinite. Manufacturers produce porcelain by subjecting kaolinite to extreme heat (about 2000 degrees or more). Kaolinite, where porcelain comes from, is composed of various minerals. The strength and beauty of porcelain depend on the ratio of minerals that compose the kaolinite. 

China is the leading porcelain manufacturer. This is of no surprise because China has been making porcelain products for a thousand years. People highly look up to Chinese porcelain. It’s because it has a beautiful luster and delicate texture.

Porcelain products for building range from porcelain slabs, porcelain tiles, porcelain wall decors, porcelain vanities, etc.



  • Has high resistance against drastic changes in temperature
  • Harder and more durable than the hardest granite
  • Supply is always constant and therefore, available all year round
  • Can be opaque or somewhat translucent
Porcelain Slabs Countertop