All quartz is man-made

Quartz is a material that’s good for a house’s covering, flooring, countertop, and masonry walls. It’s a hardy stone that fits into various interior design ideas. Compared to the past, quartz has more applications nowadays due to advancements in home-building at present. You can visit our Maryland Countertop showroom where we have a¬† great selection of quartz slabs that you can choose from.


midnight corvo concrete quartz maryland countertop

Concrete Finish Quartz

midnight corvo quartz maryland countertop

Midnight Corvo Quartz

cararra iris quartz maryland countertop

Carrara Iris Quartz

calacatta valentin quartz maryland countertop

Calacatta Valentin Quartz

calacatta monaco quartz maryland countertop

Calacatta Monaco Quartz

calacatta miraggio quartz maryland countertop

Calacatta Miraggio Quartz

calacatta ida quartz maryland countertop

Calacatta Ida Quartz

calacatta arno quartz maryland countertop

Calacatta Arno Quartz


Quartz is a crystal rock that’s composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. It comes from open-pit mines from places such as Brazil, Arkansas, Japan, Minas Gerais, etc. Quartz is then processed at factories and transformed into various products for building purposes.¬†

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. About 12% of the earth surface and 20% of the crust is made out of quartz.

Miners get quartz without using explosives. It’s because this stone is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. A sudden burst of heat from explosives might cause it to crack, discolor, or go brittle.

Quartz didn’t have much use for building in the past. It’s mostly used for interior design. Even though it’s abundant, craftsmen from long ago had difficulties working with quartz because it’s a sensitive and hardy stone.



  • Can’t be produced synthetically¬† which means that all quartz used in construction is authentic
  • Non-porous so it doesn’t soak liquids and dirt rarely sticks to it.
  • Easy to cut into different sizes and shapes using regular handyman tools.
  • Conducts electricity well.